Boudoir Hotel Photo Shoot

Sexy model posing in chair at hotel in Huntington Beach, California for boudoir photos

Sexy client posing for boudoir photos in Huntington Beach resort.

Boudoir Hotel Photo Shoot

Ocean View Boudoir Photography 

Novemeber 21-24, 2014





Our ocean view boudoir photo shoot sessions are fun, sexy boudoir photos shot in various hotels throughout Southern California. 

We started it all many years ago when we felt cramped in our photo studio environment. Our Orange County photo studio is beautiful but we wanted to offer something a little unique. We decided to book a suite at a five star resort and shoot our boudoir photos on location, the rest is boudoir history!  

Have you ever received a Victoria’s Secret catalog? Just think of that catalog and the tasteful, sexy photos you see in it. Now, picture your self in those sexy outfits and poses. That’s right, sexy and fun lingerie photos of you in a high-end five-star resort. You’ll be photographed in various outfits and poses and have lots of fun doing it.

A few times a year we offer this special boudoir event. You can usually find us at a 5 star resort in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego or Santa Barbara. For over ten years now we have offered this event right before Valentines Day and Christmas. We also offer our boudoir hotel shoot in the spring and fall for brides. Just in time for  that sexy wedding gift for their groom.

In addition to our boudoir and glamour sessions at our studios in Huntington Beach and in Santa Paula this event is held on location. We’ve shot them everywhere imaginable from New York’s W Hotel on Union Square to the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. See boudoir galleries below for samples of past events.

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Your boudoir adventure begins by arriving at a five star resort where you’ll be greeted by friendly staff.

You’ll be escorted to your luxurious boudoir suite by our assistant when you arrive. We’ll have cold champagne on ice awaiting your arrival to help you relax. We know how excited you’ll be and we want to help ease your nerves. Read our step by step process now.

You will then be pampered with a professional makeover by our amazing celebrity makeup artistNow you’re ready for your sexy boudoir hotel photo shoot.

You will be photographed in privacy throughout the suite. You will be directed into sexy poses by our female boudoir photography expert. Boyfriend’s and husband’s are usually content lounging poolside drinking a cocktail.

You will look and feel like a Victoria’s Secret super model and you’ll forever have the photos to prove it. Who doesn’t want sexy bedroom photos to give their boyfriend or husband for that special occasion.

This boudoir event includes a classy grey linen photo album that’s filled with twenty of your sexiest pictures. After your session you will relax with a glass of wine and enjoy the spectacular view.

This is a once in a lifetime event you don’t want to miss. Our pampering will have you feeling like a star in Hollywood! 

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Boudoir by Elizabeth~Turning Babes Into Bombshells Since 1997

Available for Bachelorette Parties, BFF Parties, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentines and Christmas.

Limousine service available for all sessions.