I am interested in having boudior photos taken for my fiance. I am actually wanting to replicate the exact picture example that you have listed on your website of the victoria’s secret photoshoot with the garter and veil. Can you please send me the pricing.

Thanks so much,


Would love to know the package pricing for Boudoir sessions via email.
I wanna suprise my husband on our wedding night. Love your work and I live in Los Angeles.
Also please provide me some info of what i need for the session day and studio and how long does it take to get the album and everything usually ready.
Thanks again

Eileen S

Denise is Fantastic! I wanted a nice picture to post on eHarmony, something better than a phone photo. Little did I know what a fantastic experience it would be to work with an outstanding professional photographer who specializes in women. OMG! I was so pleased with everything. Denise has a fabulous artistic eye, she knew how to put me at ease. I loved the settings, appreciated the coaching, cherished collaboration on outfits, and enjoyed having my make-up done. (I am so thankful for how natural the make-up looked since I tend not to wear dramatic make-up.) The photo shoot experience was fantastic and the resulting pictures were awesome!I typically hate taking pictures and I typically don’t like how my pictures turn out. Well Denise totally changed that track record for me! I am so delighted!


I am drooling over your amazing work!!! I’m getting married in October and I wanted to surprise my fiance with a sexy boudoir album as his groom’s gift.  I was interested in pricing for the photo shoot and for the photo albums.

Thank You!!!

M. T

I have been wanting to take some classy sexy pictures for awhile, I was searching online and Artistic Images Photgraphy caught my attention, not because of the name alone “Boudoir” but I was seeing all the different types of pictures, the “befores” and “afters” and it really impressed me. I didnt hesitate to call and make an appointment. So the day of my photo shoot experience as I freshly remember I was VERY nervous. But as soon as I got there Denise welcomed me made me feel at ease, I was introduced to my hair and make up artist and right away she started to work on me within seconds of my arrival which by then I was feeling at home. My photo shoot lasted a few fun hours with many poses, fun props, indoors, outdoors. Denise worked with me one on one, no other on-lookers, which is why I felt more comfortable and at ease. Doesn’t matter if you are thin, chubby, or just have more to love, Denise will make you love yourself at every moment with the camera!! The best part of it all are the finale pictures! You look at each picture and say “Wow! Is that really me?”.. I love each and every one of my pictures, I really can say Denise brought me out of my “shy shell” and I appreciate the confidence she allowed me to see about myself! I will defiantly without a doubt be back! Her work it superb! So I recommend any photography pictures you may have in mind, family, for a boyfriend, fun, or just glamour shots Denise is the one! Thank you Denise for working with me and bringing my hidden beauty out! Love it! I will be back!



My name is Sasha and I am getting married this summer and would like to do a photo shoot as a present for my fiancé. I have looked over your website and really like your work. The only thing is that I would need to do the shoot within the next few weeks because I am moving. I was wondering if you would have any openings at the end of the month? Possibly on either Monday April 29th or Tuesday April 30th? I would be looking to go to the studio in the Los Angeles area (I live in Burbank).
I was also wondering if you could recommend a package for me? I want to do a few wardrobe changes (probably 3) and I would like to get a small album (I liked what I saw on your website) to give to him. If you could let me know what package this would be and how much I can call with a credit card to give a deposit/whatever you need to reserve the shoot.
Finally, I was wondering if you give advice on wardrobe that day? If I bring a bunch of things (with an idea of what I want of course) do you offer suggestions? I’ve never done a shoot like this and while I am very excited I guess I am also a little nervous! Anyways, I was just wondering if you offer any help?
Thank you and I look forward to speaking to you soon!

Rosanna R

WOW!!!  AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Those are the words that come in to mind when I think of my experience with Denise at Artistic Images Photography. I had been receiving emails from them for years and I finally told myself I’m going to do it….when Denise called me after leaving a message, she answered all my questions  and assured me. that I not fear any insecurities I may have (I’m not at my ideal weight).

When I arrived, I was met by Ashley the make -up artist, she was GREAT! She asked me how I wanted my hair and make- up and to be hones I had no clue, so I told her I was in her hands…WOW WOW WOW I looked AMAZING!!!!!

The Studio/House is nothing I’ve ever experienced before…every room had a different theme/color scheme, simply beautiful.

Denise went through the outfits I had brought  and picked out which ones I should start with, I was still feeling a little nervous and self- conscience, but she put me at ease within seconds …

She has such a creative eye and she’s able to bring her vision to life…she showed me some of the pics as we were going and I couldn’t believe the person looking back at me was ME….I felt so beautiful and looked so AMAZING!!!!  I only wish I had more time with her…it was so much fun and will definitely do it again!!!



I have been looking to do a sexy photo shoot for my husband for sooo long and until recently had not found anything remotely appealing, then I found you guys! I would love to know your prices and overall process so I can make a decision as soon as possible.

Thank you so much, beautiful work by the way!



My wife is interested in doing a boudoir shoot and I’d like to talk regarding pricing options, availability, etc.
Thank you!


I am interested in having boudouir pictures taken for my hubby for our 7 year wedding anniversary. I really can’t afford to spend $600 on a package. Do you have any economical packages available?
Thank you!