Tracy R.

My experience with Artistic Images was great. Denise made me feel so comfortable and at ease. My husband gave this to me as a gift. It was the best gift ever. My husband said that he hadn’t seen me smile so much after the session in a long time. I felt so sexy and beautiful. My pictures turned out beautiful. My husband loves the pictures and he calls me his little centerfold. I would recommend Artistic Images to anyone.


Let me start off by first explaining that when I booked my session with Denise, I was a happily married young lady anxious to share a unique and intimate gift with my husband for his birthday. A few days before the shoot, my marriage fell apart. I was devastated. My girlfriends talked me into doing the shoot anyway…and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Working with Denise was like working with a friend that I’d known for years. She made me feel beautiful and sexy during a time when I truly needed it most.

The day was so much fun! BETTER than a spa day! From the champagne and chocolates to the beautiful makeover, the entire experience was wonderful.

I haven’t shared the pictures with anyone….but I know that one day someone special will enjoy them very much, and that gives me a lot to look forward to! In the mean time, I’m enjoying them myself! Every time I look at them I can’t believe that the person in those photos is ME!! Denise’s work is absolutely STUNNING.

I highly recommend that you do this for someone you love…or even better, do it for yourself. You’re beautiful and you deserve it!!!!


Hi Denise,

My husband continues to enjoy his gift!!

I am so happy I found Artistic Images. Although I told my husband the gift was for him – it was mostly for me! I got to my goal weight and wanted to have something to keep me inspired to stay there. Now if the scale starts creeping up – I know how I want to look and how I can look at 44! My husband of course was thrilled and not just enjoys the photos but appreciates that I would be willing to have them taken.
Denise was extremely professional and made the whole experience so comfortable. She far exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend her!!


I’ve always wanted to look and feel like the women I see in those Victoria’s Secret ads and I finally was able to after my session with Artistic Images! The whole experience was so wonderful. The staff provided me with a “dos and don’ts” list so I went into the session feeling prepared, confident, and comfortable. I LOVE the pictures. I love that my pictures made me look as enticingly classy or as outrageously sexy as I wanted to be. I would recommend this experience to any woman who’s ever felt sexy, wanted to feel sexy, wants to feel desirable, and just overall, wants to look beautiful. My husband says, hands down, it’s the best gift I’ve ever given him. He can’t stop looking at the photos. And as for me – I’ve never felt sexier or more desirable! It was honestly as much a gift to me as it was for him! I’m so glad I did it!

Amy M


The Artistic Images boudoir shoot was an unparalleled experience. In a way, it was a perfect culmination to the changes in my life over the past couple years, which included extricating myself from an extremely abusive marriage, rebuilding a life for my two children and for me, renewing myself emotionally, and transforming myself physically through healthful eating and daily exercise, which led to a 75 pound weight loss. The photo shoot was a very powerful experience for me.

For starters, the setting was perfect–a luxurious hotel, with champagne on ice awaiting me after your incredibly talented makeup artist worked her magic, making me look like me, but better, perfect. Next, meeting you was fantastic. You made me feel welcome, and you were completely open to what some might consider some rather kinky ideas for pics. Your total open-mindedness (is that a word? lol) put me at ease right away. Your skill was readily apparent, and you brought out my inner super model. You made me (a 43 year old mother of 2) feel beautiful, hot, sexy and confident. And the result? A truly amazing set of pictures. I will admit that I sometimes forget that I am no longer the chubby one with the pretty face. Well, after the photo shoot, I don’t think I will labor under that old image of myself ever again. The shoot has boosted my self-image permanently.

And how did my loved one enjoy the pictures? He was floored, and he is not a man who is floored by much, if anything. He told me that it was the best gift anyone had ever given him; it was the most personal, most thoughtful, most erotic, most exciting, most generous present ever. At one point, when he was looking at them, he stopped, told me to pinch him–hard–because he could not believe that the incredibly hot model in the pics was his.

Thank you Denise for such a wonderful, life changing experience. I will definitely be back for another round. In fact, my man and I are already talking about new poses and outfits to try out.


Hi Denise,

First I would like to say sorry for not replying as soon as I should have, but being pregnant and having a crazy 2 year old keeps me real busy.

Ok… Lets talk about the experience, in which I encountered and loved! The atmosphere was incredible, that resort was Beautiful! I thought although the day was gloomy and rainy that day, it was a great day! The photo shoot was great, I would like to personally thank you for putting in all your time and effort in making me “not look pregnant!” I saw the pictures and I would have never known I was 7 months pregnant, and you also made my pregnancy pictures just as beautiful. Within in the first 10 minutes I was so comfortable with you I was walking around naked!!! So…..Overall my expereince was awesome!!! I will be coming back once my body goes back to normal. Again thank you for everything, it was worth every penny!!!!


It is my absolute pleasure to thank you and congratulate you on the sensational photographs you took of Nancy for her special birthday last month. You captured Nancy perfectly.

I was most fortunate to be presented with Nancy¹s photos whilst celebrating her special birthday in Paris, France and I thank you for helping create such a special moment in both of our lives.

You captured her absolute beauty, her unbelievable sexiness and the most fabulous eyes I have ever seen in my life.

Regrettably I live five and a half thousand miles away from Nancy however your photographs remind me every day why I have been so blessed to fall in love with such a beautiful woman and the most amazing human being.

Stephanie B.

Hi Denise,

After all the angst of wondering how my husband would react to my boudoir photos and video, all I can say is that after 20 years of being together and giving birth with him in attendance, I was quite unsure as to whether I would ever look sexy to him again like I did when we were dating. My question was answered on Christmas morning when he opened the beautiful gift box, dropped his jaw open and had to excuse himself from the room because his “state” has been altered to the point that he needed to walk away and put on a heavier robe to conceal it! Bravo! Mission accomplished! I couldn’t keep his hands off of me the rest of the day….Needless to say, I am passing out your business cards like confetti and all my girlfriends now want to take the plunge and do this wonderful, empowering thing for not only their men but for themselves.

And may I add that part of my nervousness about this event was not only the fact that I am 54 years old and hardly centerfold material anymore, but also my husband is in the enterainment industry and is surrounded by the height of beauty and perfection all the time. I was worried about being compared to women that were many years my junior and in much better shape. The elegance and the sensuousness of my session seemingly shone through all of that and I love the little secret smile that I get from him as we pass each other now that I haven’t seen in a long, long time. Thank you for that!



I want you share my experience with anyone who may be interested in working with Artistic Images. At first I was very nervous and insecure about my body. When I arrived to the hotel Denise was there with a welcoming smile. Within the first few minutes I knew this was going to be lots of fun and I was in good hands with Denise. I felt very sexy and very comfortable.

The ends results were great! It took me awhile to get use to the pictures and how great I looked. I was excited to give them to my husband and to see his reaction.

I did a love poem scavenger hunt, which he loved. In the end my husband had a smile from ear to ear and was so surprised and turned on! He loved the pictures! Thanks Denise for your professionalism, your time and for making me look gorgeous!

Stacie E

Dear Denise,

I just wanted to send a little message, thank you for my beautiful pictures. I was a little nervous at first but as the shoot moved on your patience and personality help me to feel like I belonged in front of your camera. I had know idea what magic you were working behind that camera of yours though. So I really appreciate you given me options that worked to benefit my photos, and optimize the quality of photo shoot. You know I was so self conscious because I just had my son 3 months ago, and I have my bodily issues. But I wanted the photos for a gift for my son’s father. Yet the photos have become a gift for me. I felt like we had a flow and cool connection… I do look forward to working with you again. So thanks again!!!!