“Wow! Denise you are incredible!!! I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would take such sexy Boudoir pictures! But my amazing childhood friend gave me this as a birthday gift and I thought, Why not! It was something completely out of my character…….and boy was I happily surprised!!! The photographs were very sensual and sexy and not one part of my insecurities we re exposed. Denise was so professional that I immediately trusted her! Check out her work on her Blog under Last Minute Christmas Gift for Her in . Yup, that s good old conservative and timid me! PLUS, my husband loves them!”

Update: Hi Denise, My husband loved the pictures, we especially loved that you used one on the blog page! I am flattered and so surprised that an image of me could be used to represent such a beautiful and sexy experience. I’ve always felt like such an ugly duckling and never in my wildest dream did I imagine I could look… beautiful. Thank you!