Amy M


The Artistic Images boudoir shoot was an unparalleled experience. In a way, it was a perfect culmination to the changes in my life over the past couple years, which included extricating myself from an extremely abusive marriage, rebuilding a life for my two children and for me, renewing myself emotionally, and transforming myself physically through healthful eating and daily exercise, which led to a 75 pound weight loss. The photo shoot was a very powerful experience for me.

For starters, the setting was perfect–a luxurious hotel, with champagne on ice awaiting me after your incredibly talented makeup artist worked her magic, making me look like me, but better, perfect. Next, meeting you was fantastic. You made me feel welcome, and you were completely open to what some might consider some rather kinky ideas for pics. Your total open-mindedness (is that a word? lol) put me at ease right away. Your skill was readily apparent, and you brought out my inner super model. You made me (a 43 year old mother of 2) feel beautiful, hot, sexy and confident. And the result? A truly amazing set of pictures. I will admit that I sometimes forget that I am no longer the chubby one with the pretty face. Well, after the photo shoot, I don’t think I will labor under that old image of myself ever again. The shoot has boosted my self-image permanently.

And how did my loved one enjoy the pictures? He was floored, and he is not a man who is floored by much, if anything. He told me that it was the best gift anyone had ever given him; it was the most personal, most thoughtful, most erotic, most exciting, most generous present ever. At one point, when he was looking at them, he stopped, told me to pinch him–hard–because he could not believe that the incredibly hot model in the pics was his.

Thank you Denise for such a wonderful, life changing experience. I will definitely be back for another round. In fact, my man and I are already talking about new poses and outfits to try out.