Hi Denise,

First I would like to say sorry for not replying as soon as I should have, but being pregnant and having a crazy 2 year old keeps me real busy.

Ok… Lets talk about the experience, in which I encountered and loved! The atmosphere was incredible, that resort was Beautiful! I thought although the day was gloomy and rainy that day, it was a great day! The photo shoot was great, I would like to personally thank you for putting in all your time and effort in making me “not look pregnant!” I saw the pictures and I would have never known I was 7 months pregnant, and you also made my pregnancy pictures just as beautiful. Within in the first 10 minutes I was so comfortable with you I was walking around naked!!! So…..Overall my expereince was awesome!!! I will be coming back once my body goes back to normal. Again thank you for everything, it was worth every penny!!!!