Hello ladies! I will be turning 40 in December my 20 year marriage is getting boring for both my husband and I. We totally love each other but are in need of some spice. Along with many other things both of has done I would like to add a sexy glamour shot of me to the mix. I am in need of feeling sexy and what better way to do it then take some sexy pictures in the company of professional women who love to make women feel sexy. I have been working on getting my body back into shape I am not perfect but not to bad either; nothing a little lighting and correct posing couldn’t fix. Please call me, I would love to discuss this further with you. My number is… I live in apple valley ca and do not mind the drive to your studio… Thank you… Oh and my grandmother actually had boudoir photos taken of herself when she was about 40 and they were the most elegant and sexy photos I had ever seen. I am super excited to do the same for my man.