Julie L

I had a boudoir portrait done about 18 years ago. All I can say is what a difference time and the right photographer makes. I wish my experience then was like it was with Artistic Images. The professionalism of the make-up artist to the photographer was amazing. The whole experience was absolute elating. I felt like a princess during my make-over and felt like a movie star during my photo shoot. It was an incredible experience. I knew when the photos were being taken that they were going to be unbelievable and I was right. I like most people don’t really like seeing pictures of myself, but I really like these. The way she was able to catch my personality was unbelievable. I know as I have gotten older I have lost some of my inhibitions and feel very comfortable with myself – but you never know how you are going to respond in a situation like this. I’ll tell you this the way I was put at ease during the shoot I would have been able to do the shoot even if I didn’t have any lingerie to wear. It was an amazing experience and something my love will treasure forever. He hasn’t received the pictures yet, but will in April for his birthday. I would highly recommend your company to everyone I know. Thank you for the awesome experience.