I would love to have a boudoir session with your studio – although I have noticed something. I do not have the body of those gorgeous women on your website; I was wondering if there was a specific pose you recommend for this situation?


Reply From Our Photographer:

Oh my, my, my Justine! Have not read all the info on the website or any of the testimonials? The women on our site don’t look like that either when they walk through our doors 😉 There all just like you! We start with a makeover, then we create every single pose that is flattering to their specific needs and we bring out the sexy in you! You can be sexy at any age or size, its not just in your physical appearance but in the “attitude” you bring to your session. Once you have your professional makeup and hair done you start to get that attitude! We show you magazines and coach you through every single shot.

Yes we can help you too 😉