Boudoir Reviews Kathy S

“A few years ago I happened to mention to a friend that I wished I had taken Boudoir picture when I was in my 20 or 30’s. this was said in casual conversation. Well, he decided to purchase a package with Denise for me as a Christmas present back in 2011. I was mortified! I’m almost 61 years old! I procrastinated and postponed until Jan 2013 and realized that if I didn’t do the pictures it was a complete waste of my friends money….which seemed rude. My problem ( besides the fact that I felt way to old to do something like this) is that I’m just plain ole not photogenic! It’s really hard to get a decent picture of me and now we want it to be sexy? Tall order. I was really afraid of trying to look good for the camera and having them all come out bad….that would feel like failure. Anyway, I relaxed some while my makeup and hair was being done. We were visiting and I had brought a margarita to sip on to calm myself. I loved my hair and makeup but I’m thinking my eyes were a bit too made up for me. I’m not complaining, they were glamour shots and I don’t usually wear much makeup so I looked very different than I’m used to…but that was the point. When it came time to start the photo shoot Denise was able to make me feel comfortable and took a few test shot which helped me relax. She pays attention to the smallest details. She even had the makeup artist ( I’m really sorry I don’t remember her name) come in and clip a few stray hairs in my bangs. She was careful to make sure tags were not showing, sheets were strategically placed to cover what I wanted covered, she directed me on positions so my legs looked slimmer…you get the idea. Within a half hour I was giggling, smiling, feeling sexy, and flirting with the camera. I had hoped I’d be able to pick at least 10 good pictures for my album but let me tell you I picked 30 and my daughter and sister picked 50 or more! What an ego build. Honestly, I think every woman over 50 should do this. It’s a wonderful way to build your self confidence. None of us look as good at 50-60 as we did at our 20-30’s but think of it…….we expect to get good shots when we’re young….to get them when we’re old is the best gift ever. Denise did a great job and I suggest you let yourself get out of your comfort zone and have a photo shoot with her. You’ll have a great time!” –