Lori W

I’m older, mid 40’s so I went in not feeling like I had the body for this, but doing it for my husband as a Christmas gift.  I had my hair and makeup done by them, it turned out fantastic.  I looked so glamorous.   Denise was working with another woman when I arrived but let me know what to expect.  I was finished with my makeover just about the time I was supposed to start, so it was perfect timing.  Denise told me what to expect, explained this is what she did professionally and to trust her.  She got into her photographer zone, she was very professional.  I let go and trust her and she positioned me for the shots and flattered my body with various poses and outfits or things draped over my not so glamorous body parts.    I’m very excited to see the end result and will update my review when I see my proofs.  I’m looking forward to seeing them in just two days!  Thanks for the rush job!