Marissa G

My boyfriend and I were talking about doing a sexy photo shoot. We looked around in our area. I came up with a few local people, but every time i would look at their photos it felt like something was missing. So, after many hours of talking back and forth with people, I looked at him and told him about the experience I had with a woman named Denise, who owns Artistic Images Photography~Boudoir by Elizabeth, in California.

We then went through my photos and he fell in love with her work. He asked if she retouched my photos. I told him no. She is just that good at what she does, which is capturing a woman’s beauty.  So when I knew I was coming home, I called her and told her how I really wanted to  work with her again. Here I am, after a second shoot with her, and I am really happy with the results of the photos I got to see so far.

Hair and Makeup

I loved how the makeup artist was so friendly. She made it really easy for me to trust her and to know I was in good hands. She was very professional. I remember asking her if she could make me pretty. When i went into the bathroom to look at my self in the mirror I had a hard time not screaming with excitement, because I was that happy with what i saw. Pretty does not even begin to cover it. She made me beautiful and I felt it. My hair added to it. She did such a great job, I was very happy with my hair and makeup.


When I got to the studio i was greeted by Denise. She had a very warm smile. I was then given a tour of the grounds. We sat outside and talked a little bit about what I wanted from, and what I was hoping to get out of this shoot. I told her what I wanted. She then was able to capture everything that I asked for, and more beyond it. I had such a wonderful time. It was because of my past experience that I wanted to work with her again.

1. She makes you feel comfortable and is very professional. She is a joy to work with.
2. She was there every step of the way, trying new things and giving great modelling direction.
3. The photos that she takes are amazing. Yes she is just that good, with just a camera.

If you have not tried a boudoir photo shoot, and you’re looking for a professional, go with Artistic Images. You will very happy with your results.

Thank you, Denise for another wonderful experience. I look forward to working with you a third time!