Hi again, Denise!

Well, one out of three is okay. I did have long dark hair, but I don’t have a perfect body.  However, you have a way of hiding many of my imperfections.  The makeup job was incredible! And you hid my “tummy” that bore 6 kids.  I’m rather shy, but I did wish I was one of the lucky gal to be on the “featured photo shoot page” (I checked your website a few times since I saw you, just in case you chose me).
Okay, I got my answer that you would do a photo shoot at the studio…. that’s great!  I have to plan this out, but I think one Sunday, we could make it happen.  I may not be able to surprise him with what I am doing, but the pictures will be the surprise and present.  Just for your information, my current boyfriend isn’t the one you met.  He is long gone!  However, my Harley Sweetheart was the recipient of the pictures you took.  He got them as a Christmas gift.  He loves them!  I would like him to have pictures of his 2 “Loves” in the same photo (did I express that right?).  Anyways, I’ll get back to you about a date in the near future.
Thanks, Denise!
P.S.  Just so you can put a face to the name, I’ve attached my picture. 🙂