Michelle C

Denise is by far the dream come true photographer you’ve been waiting for. Everyone has insecurities about taking sexy photos but deep down really wants to. Denise will pose you and bring out your inner beautiful, sexy self. You’ll look at your new boudoir photos and think…” oh my, is that me”? The answer is YES it is! I have never felt so sexy (and classy) and I can’t wait to show my hubby his book.

Denise has a way of making you feel so comfortable while taking the pics. And Ashley the make up artist, I can’t even express how talented she is. I could have cried from seeing how beautiful I looked in the mirror but that would have ruined all her work.
My makeup was the best I’ve ever even seen it even on my wedding day. I should have booked her for that event as well. You’ll be so happy to have done this. Believe me when I say just call and make an appointment. You’ll look and feel amazing afterwards!!!
December 27, 2013
Hi Denise,
Omg! He loved the books and would like to buy a cd. He was so shocked I would do something like that since my self-esteem was so low. Thanks for making me look so hot for him!