Rosanna R

WOW!!!  AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Those are the words that come in to mind when I think of my experience with Denise at Artistic Images Photography. I had been receiving emails from them for years and I finally told myself I’m going to do it….when Denise called me after leaving a message, she answered all my questions  and assured me. that I not fear any insecurities I may have (I’m not at my ideal weight).

When I arrived, I was met by Ashley the make -up artist, she was GREAT! She asked me how I wanted my hair and make- up and to be hones I had no clue, so I told her I was in her hands…WOW WOW WOW I looked AMAZING!!!!!

The Studio/House is nothing I’ve ever experienced before…every room had a different theme/color scheme, simply beautiful.

Denise went through the outfits I had brought  and picked out which ones I should start with, I was still feeling a little nervous and self- conscience, but she put me at ease within seconds …

She has such a creative eye and she’s able to bring her vision to life…she showed me some of the pics as we were going and I couldn’t believe the person looking back at me was ME….I felt so beautiful and looked so AMAZING!!!!  I only wish I had more time with her…it was so much fun and will definitely do it again!!!