My name is Sasha and I am getting married this summer and would like to do a photo shoot as a present for my fiancé. I have looked over your website and really like your work. The only thing is that I would need to do the shoot within the next few weeks because I am moving. I was wondering if you would have any openings at the end of the month? Possibly on either Monday April 29th or Tuesday April 30th? I would be looking to go to the studio in the Los Angeles area (I live in Burbank).
I was also wondering if you could recommend a package for me? I want to do a few wardrobe changes (probably 3) and I would like to get a small album (I liked what I saw on your website) to give to him. If you could let me know what package this would be and how much I can call with a credit card to give a deposit/whatever you need to reserve the shoot.
Finally, I was wondering if you give advice on wardrobe that day? If I bring a bunch of things (with an idea of what I want of course) do you offer suggestions? I’ve never done a shoot like this and while I am very excited I guess I am also a little nervous! Anyways, I was just wondering if you offer any help?
Thank you and I look forward to speaking to you soon!