Stephanie B.

Hi Denise,

After all the angst of wondering how my husband would react to my boudoir photos and video, all I can say is that after 20 years of being together and giving birth with him in attendance, I was quite unsure as to whether I would ever look sexy to him again like I did when we were dating. My question was answered on Christmas morning when he opened the beautiful gift box, dropped his jaw open and had to excuse himself from the room because his “state” has been altered to the point that he needed to walk away and put on a heavier robe to conceal it! Bravo! Mission accomplished! I couldn’t keep his hands off of me the rest of the day….Needless to say, I am passing out your business cards like confetti and all my girlfriends now want to take the plunge and do this wonderful, empowering thing for not only their men but for themselves.

And may I add that part of my nervousness about this event was not only the fact that I am 54 years old and hardly centerfold material anymore, but also my husband is in the enterainment industry and is surrounded by the height of beauty and perfection all the time. I was worried about being compared to women that were many years my junior and in much better shape. The elegance and the sensuousness of my session seemingly shone through all of that and I love the little secret smile that I get from him as we pass each other now that I haven’t seen in a long, long time. Thank you for that!