Terry W

 Let me tell you a story of one of the best weeks of my life. I had a California vacation planned for about 6 months and during the planning stages of my vacation I decided I was going to use the opportunity to propose to my beautiful gf. I wanted the moment to be next level special and hummed and hawed about what I could do to make it that much more romantic and epic.

After speaking with my future mother in law and hearing her say I wish I could be there to see this happen, a light bulb went off in my head and I thought what better way to share this with friends and family. I searched google for Huntington beach photographers and artistic images photography came up. I didn’t bother researching the company at all and just picked up the phone. Denise picked up immediately and I began by explaining what it was that I was looking for.

I wanted it to be a complete surprise photo shoot and I also wanted a video to go along with it. I called her about 5 days before I was scheduled to leave Canada. Not only did she say she could squeeze me in she actually sounded extremely interested and excited to be part of our big day. She informed me this in not what they typically do but a professional is a professional in my books and the fact she was so eager set aside any doubts I had in my mind. She began to tell me of how she would be able to help and that her son was a professional videographer. I was beyond blown away about how she knew exactly what I was looking for and how I wanted it all to go down.

I was very picky about what I wanted and how it had to work for the surprise to be successful. From the second I left LAX till the moment of truth she was in contact with me and responded immediately to my texts. This was very important as I had pre paid for then entire thing upfront and was coming from another country. I had put 100% faith in this company to do the right thing and honor our agreement. Not only did she do just that she stepped up and came early that day and filmed the hotel and took hundreds of photos of Huntington beach so that we had those memories forever. She booked of an entire day just for us and to make sure it all went down without a single hitch.

About 2 hours before the big moment went down she met me in person to discuss the entire process and what I was looking for and how she needed us to be in order for the surprise to work and so that the video could be done without raising any suspicions. If I said she handled it like a pro I would be lying. Denise and Luke handled it as if it was what they were both born to-do. Even after I asked for my fiancée hand in marriage they were really good to us. They took several photos and Luke asked me what I was looking for in the edit process. He not only delivered what I was looking for from a video perspective he actually was able to capture the exact moment I proposed and the audio to go with it.

I know this company specializes in boudoir but if you are looking for a next level company that specializes in customer service then please look no further as I am a very happy customer and would recommend them to do any multimedia required.

I have taken some time to write this review as we got engaged in early July. Life has been hectically busy since and I wanted to make sure I wrote a 100% honest review that they deserve. Just a real review from a really happy customer. ps she still keeps in contact with us and I can now consider them friends of the family. HIRE THIS COMPANY IF YOU WANT RESULTS 🙂